Friday, December 19, 2008

The Girls hanging out together. They have fun and I am sure when Emily is bigger they will have even more fun together.
The other day I came into the room and this is what was happening. Aubrey was being my little helper and said that Emily had a dirty diaper and that she wanted to change her so she got a wipe and diaper. It was funny so I had to take a picture. They defiantly keep my busy and entertained.


Emily is 9mths now she is growing up fast. She Army crawls everywhere and loves to get on all fours but just hasn't guite figured out what to do after that. Her favorite word is Ma Ma Ma. I very happy that I was her first word. She Is a very happy baby which is such a blessing. She also loves to smile and crawl under anything and everything. Her new found game is hide and seek. I am constantaly trying to find her she is always behind one of the chairs or underneath so I have to be really careful. She gets around fast now.

Aubrey is now three and is talking non stop. She will talk to anyone. It only takes her a second before she is asking someone there name and wants to play with them. We went to mesa for a interview and stayed with marsha and Gary that was lots of fun.
Monday we went to the temple lights with Luke's family. It is so pretty and and the nativities our cool to look at from all of the different countries.
Tuesday we went shopping with grandma and Aubrey got to play at the mall play ground. Than Tuesday night we went to visit my Aunt Janice and went to my cousin house for dinner, thanks it was good.
This was so cute Aubrey just barely met this girl and they hit it off. The girl was helping Aubrey get on the present so I had to take a picture.
Emily got a hold of a marker, it was a lot worse. She puts everything in her mouth now.

We have had lots of fun this passed couple of weeks we went to Our Aunt patty's house and had a family home evening with all of the family here in Thatcher. It was fun, Aubrey got to be a angel for the nativity scene.Luke passed the first part of the interview and has a phone interview on tuesday for USAA so we shall see how it turns out. What ever the lord has in store for us we are ready and willing.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Keeping the faith

Well we are surviving with no job right now thanks too grandma and family. We went up to Mesa right after he got laid off to help move Luke's sister Tonya and her three kids. Him and his dad flew to Kansas and drove the Uhaul back to Arizona. We are glad that they are living in Arizona now.

We decided to just stay until Thanksgiving so we were there for two weeks. Thanksgiving was nice we spent it with Luke's family in Surprise. Than Friday after thanksgiving Luke and I got to go on a date. I got Luke Suns tickets for his birthday. Too bad they lost and Nash didn't play because he got hurt. Luke was bummed about that, but it was still nice to go on a date.
Now we are back to reality and still looking for a job. We have put some resumes out and hope to hear from some of them soon. With everyone getting laid off we pretty much realize now that we are going to have to find a job somewhere else, there is just not that much out there right now.

We are doing good though, Enjoying having Luke home while we can and the girls love playing with daddy. I think he is ready to work again and realizes just how much moms do. Aubrey is growing up fast and will be in Sunbeams soon!!! Hard to believe that I have a child in Primary.
Emily is good she is such a good baby, still no teeth though. Poor girl has to gum everything.
Over all we considered ourselves very blessed this holiday season and know that the lord has a plan for us.