Monday, November 9, 2009

Here comes the Bride....

All dressed in white...
My sweet little girl just turned four and now she is a bride oh how time flies. Aubrey has just loved dressing up in her wedding dress got to love 75% off Halloween costumes. Can't beat that!!

Aubrey had a great birthday this year. She had two parties one with Lukes family and my family the same weekend as Lukes. Than on her actual birthday she had more of my family come over to eat and have cake and ice cream. She loves being four all though at times she thinks she is so big she can do whatever she wants now. We will have to watch that.
Her yummy cupcakes she got to decorate!!! This was one of her presents she got from her Aunt. Her dress up box is getting more and more exciting these days!!! I am so grateful to have Aubrey in our family she really does bring lots of joy and can't wait for many more birthdays to share with her.
Home depot has the coolest thing for the kids the first Saturday of the month. You just have to sign your kids up and they get to make cool projects they get to take home. Aubrey did so good she even got to hammer the nails in. She has a cute little apron they gave her too. I think this will defiantly be something we do again.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My sister Cindy is building a house next door to us. This is whats left of my great grandma's trailer. It's going to be gone soon crazy!!!!
Emily Loves to crawl on top of Aubrey they are really started to play good together thank goodness.
For Halloween my sister Carol and I had our kids dress up with the Peter pan theme. We have Peter pan, Wendy, Caption Hook, Tinkerbell and The Crocodile. It turned out to be very cute.

Aubrey thought she was so pretty and of course she was and loved that Aunt Tamra did her hair and make up.
Earlier that morning we went to Bashas with my Friend and her kids trick or treating there and decorated a cake the girls had lots of fun.
The after shot of the Jack o lanterns
The Girls painting on there little pumpkins they really had fun with that.
We had a great Halloween at the Pima Trunk or treating and enjoyed being with family and friends.