Thursday, January 29, 2009

Food storage

Here is the latest thing I did with my food storage. It's canned Pork.
All of them sealed and it they tasted so good we had BBQ Pork on tortillas last night for dinner just to taste them since I had never had them before. It was really good. If anyone ever needs help canning I can show you how it's pretty easy.So all together I have done 7quarts and 18 pints of beans 18 pints of chicken and 18 pints of Pork. I have been really excited to finally get this started.
On Saturday Luke painted the bathroom with some paint that helps with mildew. He has decided that he does not want to be a painter for a living. He survived though and enjoyed himself. Made a mess but enjoyed himself.

As far as substitute teaching, he is loving it. He has got a call almost everyday. He is enjoying the kids and has had the chance to Sub for two Spanish classes, which has been a lot of fun for him. I am happy that he has this opportunity this will give him an idea of how a classroom is ran and help him now that he wants to pursue his education and become a Spanish teacher. I am so proud of him and his willingness to do anything for our family.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Must be something better....

Well Luke did not get the job. I guess that there is something better out there for us. When we know what it is we'll let you know. Luke is doing ok, he is bummed of course but knows that it could be a lot worse. We our exploring our options and will see where life takes us. Thanks for all of the love, support and prayers in our behalf.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthdays, christmas, new years

It's been a great holiday season with family and birthdays. I celebrated my 27th birthday on Sunday. My sisters, grandma and aunt Debbie came over for dinner and cake and ice cream. It's hard to believe that I am 27 I don't look it but I am starting to feel it, my knees have been hurting.
How it all looked after Santa came and visited. Aubrey loves her kitchen. Even Emily will go over and open the cupboards. Aubrey loves to cook me eggs and waffles. At first Aubrey didn't quite know how to react because she was still tired Luke woke her up at 8:00. It was kind of nice to sleep in.
Christmas eve we went to my Grandma Barneys and did the nativity scene and santa came to vist. I was sick so I could not eat the spanish food I was so sad:( This is a tradition that I hope last forever. Not the being sick but the nativity. My whole family was there for christmas eve so that was nice to hang out with the whole family.
Everyone came over and made chocolate prezetls, thanks Aunt Debbie for doing this for us it was fun.

My sister Carol had us for Christmas She gave the girls matching dresses. They looked so cute and it was fun dressing them alike. New Years we went to Tonya's house and did Kareoke, the Wii and played games until 2:00am Crazy I know. It was fun to have a sleep over.