Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are moving to Thatcher!!!

Well you know when you are trying to figure out what to do with life and then before you know it all comes together, well that is how it has been with us the past couple of days. We have been praying and felt that we need to move to Thatcher Arizona for a little while. Luke is going to do Substitute teaching while he is looking for a job in Mesa or somewhere else. This way he can go to interviews when he needs too he just wont sub that day. Also we get the wonderful opportunity to stay with my grandma and sister who I love so much. This will be good for us we have wanted a change for a long time. Everything is working out for the best. We want to come back to Mesa so watch out for us.
We will miss all of are friends and family up here, but we feel that we need to do this and the spirit has confirmed that this is what we need to do. Luke's last day of work will be the 25th of July then it is off to the Thatcher. We love you all and thank you for your friendships love and support through the years.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Outside fun

Well it is officially hot hot hot!!! We have reached passed 110. Poor Aubrey in the winter I say it is too cold outside to play and now I tell her it is way to hot. We pretty much go early in the morning or late at night. Raelene, Maile, me and the girls were at target the other day. Aubrey saw this bike and did not want to get off it. She was riding all around target. Raelene offered to help pay for part of it so we have been riding ever since. This morning when she woke up her first words were " can I ride my bicycle now?" We got her one for Christmas but it was awful so she could never ride it. This one is a lot better.

We also played in the sprinklers, She had lots of fun with that.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For an amazing man!!!

I just want to let my husband know that he is a wonderful father, husband and friend. He has been working so hard for our family and I appreciate everything that he does. Sometimes it his hard with two kids one trying to get use to sleeping through the night and one that is almost potty trained. He defiantly has to show a lot of patience. Aubrey loves it when he plays airplane with him, she gets in the laundry basket and he flies her around that is her favorite thing to do with him. Emily just loves to here him talk and make funny faces. He was pretty lucky this year for father's day he got to open his presents on Saturday. Why, I don't know we were just joking around about it and than decided why not we have church at 8:30 in the morning so we wouldn't have time to do it before that. I think that he was very happy with what he got. Also for dinner we had steak and potatoes, he loved that. It's not very often he gets things like that. After that we went to his Dad's house and visited with them. I am lucky enough to have a great father and father-in-law. I love all of these men very much. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!

Tamra surprised me and came up to visit for a little bit. Her and some of her friends went to the temple and than swam at my house. It was great to see her, I always love it when my family comes to visit.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well it's hard to believe it but today Emily is three months old. She is starting to smile and react to different things. She is pretty good with lifting her head but doesn't like tummy time too much. I still have her do it though to get stronger. She is a pretty good baby and is doing a lot better now that she is feeling better. I can't believe that she started out so small 5lbs 7oz, and needed help with her oxygen you wouldn't know if you saw her now. She is growing very well and the last appointment which was about a month ago she weighed 9lbs 12oz. I was happy to hear that. She is trying to roll over we will see how long it takes her to figure it out.

I still have my baby fat though, sad :( I have official started to exercise, well since Monday. I defiantly can tell the difference maybe not my tummy yet but my attitude is a lot better. I don't feel as tired these past couple of nights. In fact, tonight I had a small head ache and was not in the mood to go. I told myself it is too earlier to be making excuses, so I dragged my butt off the couch and went and sure enough it felt better. Not to mention that I get a some time to myself which by the end of the day I need. Luke has been very supportive of my decision to start exercising again and will let me go first. I appreciate his help I think he has notice that I am a lot happier too. We usually go when he gets home from work. Thanks Luke for your love and support. Aren't husbands the greatest.

Anyways the kids are feeling a lot better Aubrey had a earache but she is doing good now. So I think life is back to normal YAY!!!!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


So yesterday Aubrey got to go to her very first friend birthday party. She is getting so big. She had a blast they played in the water. They had little pools a splash pad even a little slide that went into the pool. She didn't want to leave, but after three hours in the sun I told her we had to go. She keeps talking about it and wants to go back to Maggie's party. She was listening to all of the instructions and was being so good.

last night was a long night for me. Between Emily and Aubrey I felt like I was up have the night. Emily had a fever of 101 and was having a hard time sleeping and Aubrey wouldn't stop coughing. So needless to stay we didn't make it to our 8:30 church. Me and the girls stayed home. I hope that everyone gets better soon these long nights are killing me. She is doing better today, she seems too have a harder time at night for some reason that is when it gets really bad. :(

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Fun fun fun!!!

We have a had a fun weekend, Aubrey got to see Aunt Debbie's puppies. She had so much fun with them . She wants one really bad we told her she had to wait until we had a house. She probably wont let us for get that either.
As you can see even Emily liked the puppies she was smiling when they were playing with her it was so cute!!!!
On Saturday Marisa Bob Amirra and all of us went swimming. Thanks for coming it was a blast. The water was nice and warm, almost too warm. Hopefully they turned the heat off. Emily went swimming for the first time she did really good and seem to enjoy it very much.
Here is me and the girls Aubrey loved playing in the water. She keeps asking when we are going again. She loves to jump into the water, we told her as long as there was someone there she could have as much fun as she wanted.