Saturday, June 27, 2009

dancing and gardens

Here is an update on what our garden looks like. We have all ready had lots of cucumbers and the watermelons are almost ready to pick. The corn is doing ok but we have had lots of bugs eating them so sad:(
This is the pumpkin patch it's huge and the pumpkins are getting so big. I know it's a little early for Halloween but I am sure they will keep growing.
Aubrey waiting to dance for us!!!
Aubrey has been wanting to go to dance class since see she saw her cousin dance. EAC was offering a one week dance camp for $15 so we thought that would be fun for her. This is the dance they worked on throughout the week. ENJOY!!!! She wanted to wear Kayla's dance outfit she gave her so I told her when they performed that would be ok. She was so excited!!

Christmas in July!!!

We have had a gingerbread house since Christmas and Aubrey kept wanting to decorate it so finally we finished it. And what a better day than the exact date that marks 6 mths past Christmas and 6 more mths until Christmas!!! Here is the finish product....

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Emily got her first tooth. IT was about a week before she turned 15 mths and it looks like the rest our about to come in. The only thing is she was a grouch during our Utah trip teething and all. She loves to wave and say uh oh. She will drop something and then say it. It's cute. Still wont walk on her own though. She is not scared to climb but wont walk. Soon I hope :)
They love eating Popsicles at grandmas.
We went to the St George temple with my cousin Tyler and Becky that was a lot of fun. Aubrey loved the statue of Jesus.
This is who we stayed with Goska and Mike and there little girl Freya. Goska was one of there baptism in Poland and this was his companion. We had lots of fun in Utah thanks guys.

This was at Circus Circus in Vegas the girls really had fun there.

We got to go on Mike's parents boat this was at the end the kids were exhausted from a long day
I tried water Skiing but my feet were to small for the skis so sad. I tried though no one else would.
We had fun on the tubes though. We enjoyed our trip but it is always nice to be back home too.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reunions, smwimming and a whole lot of fun!!!

She loves chocolate and going under the table to find scrapes of food. I promise I feed my children.
Emily has been quite the handful lately she loves to get into everything and ride her little car. She even found her dads cell phone and put it in a cup of water, luckily it dried out and is still working after much worrying occurred.
Aubrey got to go to her cousins house and play in the water. This is one of her favorite things to do WATER WATER WATER anything with water. Although she can't stand getting a little water on her shirt or part of her body. Hmm... who does that sound like?
We had a good time with Luke's parents in the swimming pool, Aubrey is so excited because she can finally play in the pool. You have to be potty trained to swim in her community park.
The girls hanging out while Luke was in the hot tub!!!

We had a wonderful time in Alpine memorial weekend. Almost all of my family got to come which made it very fun. Unfortunately Cindy couldn't make it her daughter got a really bad ear infection we missed them. I couldn't find my camera until the very end. So I will have to get pictures from my dad.