Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun in Utah!!!

We just got back from Utah last night, we left the 14th of August so we were glad to be home and in our own beds. Thursday we stayed at Marisa's thanks for letting us hang out with you. And Friday night we stayed at Marc and Trina's it was good seeing you guys. Then it was off to the airport Saturday the 16th. The girls did so good in the plane. I was so proud of them. Aubrey was so excited to fly in the sky like a bird. On the way back she slept the whole time.

Saturday through Monday morning we stayed at Luke's Uncle Stan's house. His son Robert had his farwell this was the reason we went up there and decided we might as well have a vacation why we were at it. Uncle Stan was so nice and let us use his van all week. THANKS!!!

Monday it was off to Aaron's house Luke me and his parents cleaned up Aunt Linda's yard and Tuesday Luke and his dad painted the garage to earn some money for our vacation.

Wednesday we went to lagoon with Aaron Tara and Alek, it was a lot of fun. Aubrey got to go on her first roller coaster and lots of rides. The roller coasters were crazy fun. We had a great time.

Thursday we all went camping and rode the 4 wheeler. It was a beautiful night and it wasn't that bad sleeping in the tent. It was a little rocky though. We had hot dogs and smores and the kids loved it.

Friday and Saturday we just hang out at Aaron and Tara's.

Sunday and Monday we went to Mary Maulik and Kaleb's house the kids had a blast together. They played so good together and enjoyed themselves.

Over all it was a great trip thanks to all of you that let us stay at your house. We appreciate!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baby blessing

Friday I got my haircut for my anniversary present. Tamra did it at her salon my first color at a salon, it was lots of fun. I am so sad I forgot to bring my camera:( Here you can kinda see what it looks like.

Today was my niece Courtney's blessing we had lots of fun with all of the family down.

Family pictures

I think that I need to do family pictures on a day other than Sunday because we are always in a hurry Sunday mornings. With little kids you need more time than just 5 minutes. We got a few though. The one on the stairs is actually after church.