Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year....

It is so true that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. I love being with family and celebrating the birth of our Savior. We did a lot over the Holiday. We went to Mesa for Christmas and enjoyed a week of fun there with Lukes family it was nice having all of his brothers and sisters together that hasn't happened in a long time. Than we were home for a couple of days. Monday we went to Pomerene I enjoyed sometime with my sisters and Luke got to help my dad build a fence. Now we are home relaxing and going to enjoy the next couple of days at home before school starts again. Here is a few pictures of some fun things we did this holiday season...

Luke has always wanted a Steve Nash trading card so he was very happy when he found some in his stockings
Aubrey loves her bike:)
Can't have Christmas without the NATIVITY and FOOD!!!
Working hard all Christmas Eve to get everything together
I would recommend riding the tram to the suns game anytime. We had a blast at the game. It was all of Luke brothers and sisters and my brother Jason and his wife were there too.
Luke would be really sad if I didn't post this picture of the suns dancers

We took the kids to Jeepers they had so much fun riding all the rides:)

One of the nights we went to Todd and Des house and had yummy Mexican food and Smores
Hanging out with the family

Gingerbread houses we actually did it this year for Christmas instead of in July. Doing better this year

We hope you all Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Holidays, Here we come...

Here is the project for this month at Home Depot. Wagons, they had cookies and once again the girls got to see Santa. They are going to know them oh so well.
Emily loves her daddy!!!
We had are ward party which was a lot of fun. Emily got to meet santa for the first time and lets just say she loved him. The minute they gave her a candy cane she got the biggest smile on her face. It was pretty funny.
They had a station where you could decorate cookies. Emily liked that too. Can you tell?

Aubrey enjoyed being able to frost her cookie she thought it was pretty cool. They also had the nativity that the kids performed and writing letters to the missionaries. Music, and a lot of visiting. I am excited that my sister and her family our in our ward now. We have had lots of fun with them.
All the boys played a fun game of football of course they wanted it to be tackle football. There was only a little blood and tears but they all survived.
I think Aubrey thinks that you have to pose for every picture and she seems to like to tilt her head. oh well she is still cute as ever.
The day after Thanksgiving we all went to my parents house and helped them put up there Christmas tree!!! The kids did such a great job.
They were very careful and took it very serious!!
This was our yummy meal before we all digged in. It was all very good!!!
And of course the Three musketeers gotta love them. HEAR COMES TROUBLE!!!

Wow these are really out of order this is proof that we had a home cooked meal. I was behind the camera I really did help.
We really enjoyed having all the famiy together all my brothers and sisters got to come. It has been a great holiday season so far and can't wait for it to continue.