Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yes it's been 4mths, but we are alive!!!!

Well its been awhile and a very awesome cousin of mine named Marisa has been asking me for the past couple of days when I was going to update my blog. So here it is a bunch of random pictures from a wonderful summer. I will try to be better at this posting thing I guess I just figured that not many people read it anyways so this is for you Marisa, and all of the others that have been wanting to know whats going on in our livesHanging out with Trina and Deseree and below is the rest of the girls...Dinosaur day and Aubrey doing push ups with daddy.
Kalebs birthday party that was thoughts of fun.
Kelsi, Kayla, Shaylee and Aubrey at a princess slumber party. they had lots of fun.
During the summer Marc and Trina came down and we went up to the mountains and had a picnic.

hanging out!!!
We also went to the 24th of July celebration!!!

Fourth of July at aunt Becky's house they girls had a blast.

The girls love to dance this is one of the older vidoes they really know how to dance now. Emily really gets into. I will post later the updated version. She was still trying to get the hang of this walking thing. We also planted grass in the backyard this summer which turned out being so nice for the kids. We made trips to alpine Mesa and just really had fun relaxing and enjoying family.

As for now Luke is still substitute teaching and is doing online courses to get his teaching certificate. He has been subbing a lot which is nice.

Me I'm just doing the same old stuff nothing exciting.

Aubrey is almost 4 and is doing great learning her letters and sounds. She is growing up fast and can't wait to turn four.

Emily learned to walk finally at 17mths just in time for nursery. and got her first tooth at 15mths. She has kind of did everything a little later than most, but you wouldn't know now. She is all over the place and is really liking this walking thing.

Anyways we are all doing great, enjoying life still living at my grandma's but it's been nice for her as well as us. hopefully it wont take us this long next to post. Hope everyone else is doing good too. I know that there was many other things I did this summer just don't have cool pictures of them.